A Persian Tale – Meet Rosemary

A Persian Tale – meet Rosemary, an interesting electronic duo that creates tantalizing music from the heart.

An insisting women’s voice draws you in and covers your skin in goose bumps while the dark haunting disco beats make you want to loose yourself on the nearest dance floor. Rosemary is an Iranian/Danish duo consisting of singer Sahar Pour and producer Lasse Martinussen. Privately, they have been a couple for the past eight years and now they are also a team when it comes to unveiling fascinating stories through intriguing electronic based music.
Bast had a chat with Sahar and Lasse as we wanted to know more about this Iranian/Danish couple whose music has quickly become popular amongst fans, critics and fellow musicians.

Why did you guys decide to make music together? Sahar: Our first inspiration for Rosemary comes from the frustration that we felt after the Iranian regime had beaten down the people’s revolution back in 2009. We are both very active and concerned with the social and political problems in Iran and felt that we had to involve ourselves even more.

Lasse: I was experimenting with electronic music at the time and had written some lyrics that I needed someone to sing. I asked Sahar, but she completely refused!

Sahar: Well, Lasse has been making music professionally for many years, but I had neither sung nor played music before. I tried to make him find a trained singer to sing for him, I really couldn’t understand why he would want me to do it.

Fortunately, Lasse was persistent enough and Sahar finally gave in – on one condition; that the recordings were erased afterwards.

Lasse: I couldn’t imagine anyone but Sahar singing the lyrics. I wanted it to be explosive emotionally and I needed a person who could perform the songs with pure honesty. And that is what Sahar can do.

Sahar: My voice probably isn’t your typical female voice and it took me a long time getting used to the fact that I was now a “singer”. The first times someone would introduce me as the singer of Rosemary, I for a moment thought they were talking about someone else.

What is it like, working professionally with your loved one? Lasse: We work extremely well together. It can also get very intense because we have so many feelings involved.

Sahar: Lasse is the “nordic type” in the sense that he is quite calm, cool and more quietly reflective than me. I might be a little more un-controlled and outward. I think this contrast is what binds us together.

Lasse jokingly adds: Not to mention that Sahar is definitely more exotic!

It is obvious that Sahar and Lasse have that certain type of chemistry that gives the fascinating universe of their music its genuineness.

“Whatever is in the heart will come up to the tongue” is an old Persian saying that stands in depressing contrast to the Persia of today as Iran’s law forbids women from singing in public.However, Rosemary´s music expresses that whatever is in the heart must be said, making this duo well worth checking out. 

You can meet Rosemary at Vega in Copenhagen on March 22 and at Spot Festival in Aarhus in May. And for New York-fans, there might be a surprise in store since the duo will be visiting the city in April.

www.rosemarymusic.net  - Words: Tania Haagensen for Bast magazine