Ida Rislöw – Dj/Model/Blogger from Stockholm

With sweetness comparable to young Marianne Faithful accompanied with the kind of understanding for cool that only a young Swede can possess we think Ida Rislöw makes a pretty rad blogger. The 25-year-old DJ/model/career hybrid reveals her insight to Stockholm street style and how she keeps her style cool and confident yet interesting.

How would you describe your style? My style is a bit casual, Scandinavian and minimalistic. A lot of black (always), mostly leatherjackets and simple clothes with rawer details.

What has been the most inspiring thing for you recently? I’ve recently started to work at a store/agency called JUS and also with BLK DNM where I work with a lot of inspiring people, especially my boss Ulrika Nilsson – such a power-woman!

In Stockholm, what is the most prominent street fashion item right now? You see a lot of the green coats from Acne, Blk Dnm leather jackets and Isabel Marant shoes.

Who is your style icon? I don’t have one particular style icon but f.ex. Taylor Tomasi Hill , Emmanuelle Alt and Alexa Chung all have great style.

What is the most uncomfortable thing about having a blog? It’s not really uncomfortable but when people come up to you on the street and say that they know who I am and that they read my blog I always get surprised. It t feels like you have a blog for yourself and that it’s maybe just friends and family who read it. I think it’s really sweet and I get happy of course when people say that!

What is the best thing that has come out having a blog? The best thing about having a blog is that I get out of my creativity and to know that people get inspired from my inspirations. It’s also great combined with my job/ freelance jobs just because it’s a lifestyle blog, people can follow what I do when Im dj-ing or modeling or at my full time job. And it often leads to me getting request about more gigs and jobs.

Visit the blog here: ida.freshnet.s / Words Ida Frantsi for Bast issue no. 7