Alex Bland was only for years old when he started to take pictures, he was born in England but moved to Asia in his late childhood. Throughout his time abroad he learned to observe in the social world and take inspiration from the mix of cultures and beliefs. The theme for todays story is playful noir-ish tale of fantasy, desire and cocaine chick. ” I wanted to show extreme alter ego to this persona.” Explains Alex to Bast.  We wanted to know more about the fresh talent and asked Alex few questions about photography and inspiration. 

Where are you from? I was born in England and spent my late childhood in Asia.I was fortunate to travel throughout my time there absorbing the diversity and history of the region; it gave me a passion to observe the social world and take inspiration from the mix of cultures and beliefs.

When did you start to take photos? When I was four I was given a 16mm Minox camera for Christmas, I was obsessed from then on, wanting to capture life through the lens at school, home, everywhere.

Did you study photography? I did, I first undertook Photographic study in 1998 at Jerudong International School in Brunei. Upon returning to England I continued study in the genre for my A-Levels then during my Law Degree I worked in the summer vacations as a Media Photographer. After completing my first Degree I went on to Winchester School of Art to obtain a Degree in Photography after which I specialised by obtaining a Masters Degree in Fashion Photography from the London College of Fashion.

What was the theme and inspiration for the photo shoot? The theme was a playful noir-ish tale of fantasy, desire and cocaine chic. Further vision came from meeting the model who was utterly beautiful and yet incredibly bashful, I wanted to show an extreme alter ego to this persona so took inspiration from classic film characters like D.O.A’s femme fatale who was mysterious, duplicitous, gorgeous, empowered, irresponsible and solitary.

Can you tell us about the editorial? I pictured having an edit, which incorporated stark black and white images mixed with intermittent saturated coloured shots emulating the flow of crime comic books of the 50’s.

What does fashion photography mean to you? Fashion Photography for me is an avenue to enjoy creativity; it allows for the celebration of form and the admiration of beauty.

If you could choose one model to shoot, who would it be and why? I would love to lens Lana Del Ray, visually for me her aesthetic epitomises classic Hollywood and I would love the challenge of trying to work her character and my photographic style together.

Photographer: Alex Bland

Styling: Lana Burton

Hair & Make up: KC Finch

Model: Laura Gostling