trailerpark festival in copenhagen

Words Ida Frantsi

This years Trailerparkfestival certainly lived up to our expectations.  It was hot, full of atmosphere, felt friendly and just the right size. Again the art was great and set the mood. Friendly people were all over and cozy atmosphere was enhanced by the light fixtures in the trees and the trailers and tropical themes. Even though there seems to be many different kinds of artistic themes,  the ambience is still carried through in a consistent way to an average festival goer. What is great about a festival like this is that it feels like an open play field and creates excitement from the very first steps, it does not take itself too seriously and there is room to act a bit foolish (of course the Jægerbombs help with that as well). There is nothing grandeur about it, just effortless coolness.

On Thursday we saw Mø and she was absolutely amazing. She is despite her young age so unique, just a sexy and quirky girl with positively fabulous energy. A star on the rise, certainly. The evening was warm and lovely full of colors and happy festival goers.  Saturday was even more exciting with a great lineup. The day was sold out and it  was clear from the very moment when When Saints Go Machine took the stage. They are just great live! The music has such a special sound and it varies from really dancy tunes to more airy songs. Overall even though it was hot and packed concert, it was very intimate and our very favorite. We also got to listen to Turboweekend that seemed to set the audience on fire, people were really in a party mood. Our love for Trailerparkfestival continues as it is a bite-size event with a delicious aftertaste. Looking forward to next years Trailerparkfestival.

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