bast-cast 003 by dj. elvar ( rvk sound )

BAST-CAST 003: Retro bass driven dancehall vibes mixed with some classic reggae tunes. Bast asked Elvar Ingi Helgason the DJ behind BAST-CAST 003 few questions about Icelandic party scene and reggae music. Enjoy!

Bast: Tell us about the playlist you just made for us? The idea was simply to select some various party tunes that I usually enjoy playing later in the evening. Some old classic tunes and other more recent, mostly retro bass driven dancehall vibes that work well on the dance floor. In the end I left one jungle tune that I would sometimes play at the end of a night, when the lights had been turned on and people were shouting for more. As the reggae “scene” is still small and growing in Iceland and there is still fair amount of people who think reggae is a chill out music. I wanted to give people a little taste of that party vibe and show them that reggae is a dance music that can be appreciated as such.

Bast: Tell us about the weirdest party you have ever played at? I’ve mostly had typical weird experiences while DJ-ing, rather than playing at a weird parties, as every DJ has experienced sometime in their career. Questions like “Are you only playing jazz tonight?” While playing reggae for the whole night and drunk people trying to convince me to play Eurovision songs on Youtube etc. The only weird party I can think of was when I was DJ-ing with RVK Sound at this music festival in Reykjavík. The festival was hosted at various clubs and bars and it only had live acts, except for this one place that was a DJ night venue. The guests at the festival obviously bought their tickets for the live acts and didn’t bother showing up at the DJ venue, so we only had about 5-10 people walking in and out the whole night. It was a very long night… even though they closed early.

Bast: It is Friday night and you just came to your favorite bar, what are you going to order? This is going to be a dull answer to the last question… beer. I usually don’t drink any strong alcoholic drinks.

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