Kyrja – loose and comfy silhouettes

The Icelandic fashion brand Kyrja was established one year ago in Reykjavik. The designer behind the brand is the young and talented Sif Baldursdóttir who studied fashion design in Istituto Marangoni in Milano. Kyrja is Sif´s first proper collection, it is mainly black with loose and comfy silhouettes and some great fabrics as silk, bamboo and mohair. We here at Bast are already in love and we will continue to keep an close eye on Kyrja.

bast magazineSif Baldursdóttir designer 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and where you come from? I was born in Reykjavík to Icelandic parents and then moved with them and my older sister to Stockholm, Sweden at the age of 2. We lived there until I was 12 and then we moved back to Iceland. I finished high school in Reykjavík and then I decided to move to Italy to study the language.

After a while I had finished all my money that I had saved up but felt I wasn’t done with Italy, so I got a student loan and moved from Rome to Milan to study fashion design at a school called Istituto Marangoni. I’d always loved making my own clothes so it seemed like the obvious thing to do. I graduated in 2010 and while finishing my last year I interned for the Italian brand Vivetta, which was amazing. I learned so much about the industry and had a lot of fun in the process. After graduation I moved to London where I interned for a lingerie brand called Loulou Loves You and then for my dear friends Agi&Sam, who do menswear in all kinds of beautiful prints.

I moved back to Iceland two years ago, and after some random jobs here and there, I decided to start my own clothing brand, Kyrja, about a year ago.

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Tell us about the new kyrja collection? This is my first proper collection. It’s mainly black, with loose and comfy silhouettes . The main fabrics are silk, bamboo and mohair.

What are your favorite places in Reykjavik ? My lovely studio that I share with my very talented friend Julia Mai Linnéa Maria, who is an illustrator, and Kaffibarinn which is just across the street, where I also occasionally bartend.

kyrja bast magazine

If you could choose one model to dress, who would it be and why? I guess I’m cheating here since she’s not technically a model, but I would  love to dress Lykke Li. I think her style is utterly amazing, I love the flowing silhouettes that she wears and the fact that most of the time, she’s wearing all black. I’m kind of obsessed with black.

Where do you resort online when looking for great inspiration/images? I recently discovered Pinterest and think it is the most genius thing. It really helps with online research and makes it so much easier to find new exciting blogs.

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