Iceland Airwaves – Artist – Jón Atli

NAME: Jón Atli / Sexy Lazer

OCCUPATION: Musician / Dj / Moodmanager / Hairstylist

WEBSITE/INSTAGRAM: Facebook : Jón Atli / Sexy Lazer. Instagram : seksylazer

What kind of music do you make? Indie / Dance is the way most people describe it.. My mom thinks it’s techno and my grandam thinks it’s not dance music at all.. so I’m a bit confused.. Let’s call it Kraut House.

When and where are you playing?  I’m playing one of my all time favorite bars: Kaffibarinn thursday with my band “Human Woman” from 22-01. We will do some kind of a Dj/Mic dub set. Dj-ing our own tracks + other stuff we like, sing, play some machines and shakers on top.

Friday I will Dj as Sexy Lazer at Harlem bar all night long and invite some great Dj’s to come and mix as well.

Saturday I will play “Iceland Airwaves Official Program” 00:30 at Harlem (inner space) with my sister Kasper Björke, our project is called : “The Mansisters”

Just to wrap everything up and make sure everybody gets a soft lending after the weekend, me and Galdur from Human Woman, Kasper Björke from The Mansisters and other good friends will play Kaffibarinn and then I’m off to New York for some more crazyness …..

Have you performed at Iceland Airwaves before? Yes I’ve played this festival many times.. Almost from the beginning I think. I played with my old noisy indie rock band Fídel few times, also my band called :Hairdoctor, as Sexy Lazer, as Human Woman and now with The Mansisters. So I guess I’ve played it 103 times more or less.

Something you must do while in Reykjavik? SWIMMINGPOOLS every day and my moms sunday lamb.. Go to the fashion stores : JÖR, Spúútnik and Aftur. Get waisted, enjoy and not expect to get world famous cause you are playing “Iceland Airwaves”

How would you describe the Icelandic music scene and what makes it different from other? It’s a family.