Iceland Airwaves – Shiny Darkly

Words: Julie Silfvander

Photographer: Adrian Sølberg

Iceland Airwaves has begun and we’ve had the honor of talking to lead singer Kristoffer Bech from Danish Shiny Darkly about their upcoming visit to Iceland and their soon-to-be release album! 

Bast: You guys played at Iceland Airwaves last year, so it isn’t unfamiliar territory. How do you think you’ve developed since last year? Shiny Darkly: We’ve played some unofficial concerts last year to be noisy and be noticed, which has caught a lot of bookers’ attention. Now we’ve gained even more attention, since we were booked for a lot of larger festivals. Also we now have a larger set-list, since we continue to write more and better songs.

Bast: You’ve named you new album (with release in February 2014) ‘Little Earth’. Can you explain the title? SD: Well, Little Earth is a fictive place, a setting for all of my lyrics. All of the characters described in the lyrics are placed here. You may call it the subconscious of the earth we know as a psychical setting.

Bast: Are these characters you write about fictive as well? Or are they in some way an extension of parts of yourself? SD: No the characters aren’t fictive. They are either an extension of myself or people I’ve know, groups of people I’ve experienced (either as an outside viewer or as a member – or groups of people whom I’ve wanted to know and to be a part of).

Bast: Who listens to your music? Shiny Darkly: Well, our music has been received very well in England. It’s as if somethings heating up for us over there. Also North and Eastern Europe (Finland and Estonia) are beginning to show interest! Some indie radio stations in America plays us as well! And it’s both goth kids our age and older enthusiastic 70′s-80′s lovers that listens to our music! A great mix – and often we are quite surprised!

Bast: You do all of your artwork for Shiny Darkly yourself? SD: Yes – I did the cover of our first EP as well as the one released this year.

Bast: And next stop Iceland! What do you think of the place? SD: Well, as most of the people visiting Island, it’s the beautiful nature that strikes you at first. Reykjavik is a small city, but incredibly beautiful and in some way melancholic. Weird buildings and churches. It’s an insanely cool place to have a festival! The festival itself contains something special, and the stages are close to each other which gathers the audience and the bands.

But our debut there last year was during an insane weather, almost dangerously windy! So we really didn’t get to experience the island, which we of course hope to get an opportunity to do this year!

Bast: And what’s next? SD: We have our EP release in November and the album release in January! And we’ve been booked for various things, including the big Eurosonic Festival in Holland in the beginning of next year! Know there’s only to hope that our releases open the doors to amazing experiences for us!!

Congrats Shiny Darkly!

Check out their Facebook page for more ( or see them live if your at the festival on Saturday at Iceland Airwaves at Gamli Gaukurinn 00:20!