Iceland Airwaves – Street Style – Eva Katrín

NAME: Eva Katrín Baldursdóttir

OCCUPATION: Stylist, Model, Buyer & Student


Who are your top five must see artists at Iceland Airwaves this year? 


Anna Won Hausswolff

Emiliana Torrini

Mikhael Paskalev

What is the perfect festival outfit? The perfect Iceland Airwaves outfit for me is just layers upon layers.

I would start with a nice pair of high winter boots, throw on an effortless and simple dress but with a sexy twist for dancing the night away and I would accessorize it with earrings and couple of rings. Layering the dress would be a thin merino wool oversized sweater and perhaps a vest over that. Last but not least I always have to have a thick coat on to concur the cold Icelandic wind and I usually have a scarf and a hat on also. The waiting in line part can take a toll on you if you are not prepared. A little party bag with your essentials ties it all together.

Tell us about your best Iceland Airwaves moment? My greatest memory & moment was when I went to the festival my first time in 2004. I went to see The Shins at NASA and had one of the best times ever dancing all night long with a glitter mask on and glow sticks! Amazing!  After that I decided to attend this festival every year.

What are your favorite shops in Reykjavik? My favorite shops are GK Reykjavík, Aftur, GLORIA, JÖR, SUOMI Prkl & Kronkron

Eva Katrín is wearing: Coat: BARK Italy, Sweater: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shirt: Filippa K, Skirt: Zara, Boots: One of a kind prototype from Peter Jensen, Accessories: Hildur Yeoman & Dancing Deer