Iceland Airwaves – Street Style – Helga Lilja

NAME: Helga Lilja Magnúsdóttir

OCCUPATION: Fashion designer and owner of Icelandic high-street brand Helicopter

WEBSITE/INSTAGRAM: / helgahelicopter

Favorite thing about Iceland Airwaves? Besides the obvious great music, tmy favorite thing is the transformation the city undertakes. Lately Reykjavík has been full of tourists wearing goretex, Airwaves bring fashion back to our tourists.

What artist are you most looking forward to see? Yo La Tengo, Gluteus Maximus, Kraftwerk and Slow Magic .

Something you must do while in Reykjavik? Visit my store Kiosk on Laugavegur 65. It is a store owned by 9 Icelandic designers. If you come over you are guaranteed to meet one of us and we are always happy to chat!

Best hangover food in Reykjavik? Lately I really love going to The Coocoos Nest, it’s a new place in Grandi. Great hangover food and not too greasy so if you are accompanied by someone sober then he/she will enjoy the food as well. Then there is always the “Frittada” at Marina.

Helga is wearing: Sweater: Topshop, Dress: Helicopter, Shoes: Miista Necklaces: Chan lu and Marc Jacobs