Iceland Airwaves – Street Style – Rakel Mjöll

NAME: Rakel Mjöll

OCCUPATION: Student – Fine art: Music and Visual arts and singer in Halleluwah

WEBSITE:  - Instagram Rakelmjoll

When and where are you playing? My on-venue show is on Saturday at Hressó 22:30. But i’m also playing quite a few off-venue shows that i’m really excited about. There’s a show at the Nordic House, that’s one of my favorite venues in Reykjavik and also performing at the M for Montreal Off venue showcase at Stúdentakjallarinn with a bunch of Canadians bands that are rocking my world right now.

Tell us about your best Iceland Airwaves moment? Airwaves 2011 I met Patrick Watson at a concert and he told me he wanted to play a random show in someone’s house in Reykjavik. At that time I was living with my grandmother in a beautiful old wooden house in the downtown area and there was a piano there. So I offered her house for this secret concert. I invited a few friends and so did he and his people. Outside there was a crazy storm, but inside we sat there in the darkness with a few candles lit and we, the crowd inside, we’re bewitched. Such a beautiful concert and special moment.

How would you describe the Icelandic music scene and what makes it different from other? It’s family. It’s the most creative, hard working and loving family you’ll ever meet. People here work together. There is no ego. There is no bad mouthing. There’s only pride, interest and respect for each other. That makes everything so much more fun and easier. I’m living in England these days and I see the difference. There’s more Talk and less Do in England. But here its the complete opposite. People work, work, work and then slightly talk about it afterwards. So they give their music and craft time to breathe so it can evolve naturally instead of making assumptions and overloading it with unnecessary bullshit.

What are your top five must see artists this year? Mac Demarco ! I saw him at Great Escape this year – he’s so much fun. I’m mainly excited about the Icelandic acts; Samaris, Vök, Nolo & Emiliana Torrini.

‘Two of my Airwaves outfits this year, one for a live show and other as a concert go-er. Got Rakel Unnur Thorlacius stylist to be my stylist for the shows this year – she knows exactly what I want’

All clothes in these photos are from Monki & Nostalgía.