Iceland Airwaves – Artist – Terrordisco

NAME: Sveinbjörn Pálsson

OCCUPATION: Terrordisco


What kind of music do you make? I make my own flavor of dance music. I’m influenced in equal parts by an abstract take on disco and funk, the machine-like nature of eighties electro and disco, and the more futuristic sounds of UK underground Bass music.

When and where are you playing? I’m playing at the Funkþátturinn stage on friday night around three in the morning. The electronic stage this year is hosted by our radio show, Funkþátturinn, on X-ið, FM97.7

Have you performed at Iceland Airwaves before? I’ve performed regularly since the mid-00′s, not quite sure how many times, as Terrordisco and with bands.

How would you describe the Icelandic music scene and what makes it different from other? It’s small, with everything that goes with that. People get easily bored and are more prone to adventures, the stakes are lower so artists are more likely to take risks. Everyone knows each other, so you’re more likely to get a varied set of influences. You can’t really stick to a diet of a certain type of music.