Iceland Airwaves – Street Style – Heiða Agnars

NAME: Heiða Agnarsdóttir

OCCUPATION: I work in a shop called 38 Þrep (38 Steps)

WEBSITE/INSTAGRAM: Instagram: heidaagnars

Tell us about your best Iceland Airwaves moment? I don´t have any particular Airwaves moment, I just love it when Reykjavik fills up with strangers, then you have some new faces to look at.

Best late night snack in Reykjavik? Pizza is the best late night snack, I would recommend Devitos or Pizza King.

A song that makes you happy: Gin and juice by Snoop Dogg.

What are your favorite shops in Reykjavik? My favorite shops are 38 Þrep, Sævar Karl and Aftur.

Heiða is wearing: Shoes: Vic, Trousers: S.A.R.T.O.R.I.A.L, Coat: See by Chloe, Scarf: Sruli, Gloves and wallet: Furla