Iceland Airwaves – Street Style – Hildur Yeoman

NAME: Hildur Yeoman

OCCUPATION: Fashion designer

WEBSITE/INSTAGRAM:, hildur yeoman on facebook and instagram.

How does Iceland Airwaves affect the life and the people living Reykjavik? The streets downtown are filled with party people in colorful outfits, there is music all around and a great and exciting mood in the air. I would say that it lifts the spirit of most people.

What is the perfect festival outfit? I´m a more is more kind of girl so I´ll say the one that makes heads spin.

What are your favorite shops in Reykjavik? Kiosk, Kronkron, Aftur and Jör. They all sell great Icelandic design.

Hildur is wearing: Pink vintage jacket, Dress: Vivienne Westwood and the necklace is her own design. Photo: Saga Sig.

Photo above: Samaris performing at Iceland Airwaves 2013 wearing Hildur Yeoman