baubau – vintage dream in Nørrebro

BAUBAU is one of Copenhagen´s finest vintage stores, located in Nørrebro which is one of the most hip areas in Copenhagen. The store specialises in vintage high fashion for men although you can also find some unisex pieces and knitwear from the Russian designer Valeriya Olkhova. Bast stopped by in BauBau few days ago and asked Casper Bilsted the man behind the store a few questions about the concept behind the store and vintage fashion.

Why did you decide to open a vintage store with a focus on men fashion? Because I thought it was missing in Copenhagen. So many vintage shops for girls but none solely for the boys. Copenhagen guys are becoming extremely aware of how they present themselves and I’m a big fan of that. Also, I wanted to create a space where you truly would get the feel of being on a treasure hunt. Everything is for sale (almost anyway – not myself and a few other items). On top of that I love the idea that pieces you once loved from your wardrobe can find new owners to be treasured by.

Can you tell our readers about the concept behind BauBau? The concept of the shop is handpicked luxury second hand menswear and interior design items from Denmark and abroad. In BauBau you can find used but well kept pieces by high fashion designers such as Commes des Garcons, Dior, Lanvin, Rick Owens, Jean//Phillip and more as well as be able to sell some of your own goodies on consignment if it fits into the shop’s aesthetics. Last but not least you can spot graduation pieces from different design schools alongside up-and-coming designers.

Who is your favorite designer and why? I am not really a one-designer-kind-of-guy so shoe wise I would have to say Officine Creative because of their rugged beauty and unfinished feel or Dolce & Gabbana for their ability to make ‘too much’ seem delicious. Occasionally bordering genius. Jil Sander and YSL (before losing the ‘Yves’) have made some of the pieces in my closet that I have cherished the longest. That says it all to me.

We are going out for a drink in Copenhagen, where should we go? I would pop by Madsvinet on Enghavevej for a late snack and enjoy their cool yet casual ambiance and clever cocktails.

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