Acidic rain – Fashion Editorial from Portugal

BAST has received a new story from the Portugal based photographer, Alex Kinova. She started to photograph when she was 21 after she graduated with a bachelor degree in Mass media communication. Alex met her boyfriend who introduced her to photography and she decided to follow her dreams and move to Portugal and work full time as a fashion photographer. Bast was curious to know a little more about the young talent and asked her few questions about photography and inspiration.

Tell us a little about the editorial you did for Bast. What was the inspiration behind it? The inspiration behind my editorial “Acidic Rain” was the clothing by itself. The designer created clothing that reflectes acidic rain, pollution created by people, and how air and clouds get affected by it. In one way the clothing reflects how clean nature used to be and on the other hand it shows us the harmfull effects of the pollution.

Tell us a about yourself, your background and where you come from? I was born in Slovakia, but I always had an urge to travel and explore the world. When I finished high school I went to Czech Republic – bigger city – more opportunities – to study my university degree in mass media communication. But for me the school was not just right. I finished with bachelor degree and felt that I needed to move on with my life.

How and when did you start getting into photography?I met my boyfriend who was very multimedia oriented and he introduced me to photography. And that is how it all started. I stared to shoot more contemporary pictures and capturing visions of my life but then I realized I really would love to make living with photography one day. So I told myself, let’s do a fashion photography – I am a woman so I definitely have love for fashion so this should be easy.. heh. So I moved with my boyfriend to Portugal to fulfill my dream. I said to myself, that the nice weather is all year round, exotic girls, ocean – it is all you need to be a successful. Well now I know that it is not everything at all.. you also need a talent, passion, luck and good contacts but because I am soo much into photography now I think everything is slowly coming for me and I am so excited because of that :)

How and when did you start getting into photography? If I could choose one model my answer is one and only: Cintia Dicker. I am falling for redhead models. I died my hair red 4 years ago becuase I love this colour and I think that redheads are different – more sensitive but more wild too.

Photographer: Alex Kinova:,

Make up: Andreia Neves:

Hair: Filipe Petit

Fashion designer: Juliana Cerdeira – Miau Frou Frou,

Model: Ines Junqueira at Face Models