Dj. Christian D’or – Release party at Fourtunen

Copenhagen´s disco king DJ Christian d´Or is hosting a release party Thursday night at Fortunen for his new and 7single called “Hotpants”. Known for spreading love and shaking up the dance floors around town this is a party you don’t want to miss.

The single can be bought for 50dkk the same night at Fortunen, and of course loads of disco and free beer from 8 o´clock. See you there!

Bast asked Christian a few questions… 

How and when did you get into DJ’ing?  In the mid-nineties my friends and I started dabbling with record players. It was all about hip hop, scratching and cutting back the breaks. That developed into an interest in the breaks, and I started dj’ing the funk and soul records from which the hip hop beats emerged. Disco was a part of the same 70′es scene, and within time it became the main sound in my sets.

What is Christian d’Or all about? Love and respect.

And aside from DJ´ing? There’s a 7″ single, “Hotpants”, coming out Dec. 12 under my Disco Dick moniker. I produced this late seventies N.Y sounding track with me singing on it. A big thanks to Pato and Jens Benz for help and patience in the studio. The B-side is a remix by talented Swede T. Keeler. I’m screenprinting the 300 covers today by hand. So they’re all gonna be unique. Working with paint, colour and graphics is also something I enjoy doing. I hope they’ll be dry for the release party.

Tell us about the release party on Thursday night? It’s at my favourite eatery Fortunen. Gonna be Handsome Mike, Sexy Lazer, Kasper Bjørke and me playing records. I might sing a song. I think I should, right? Loads of good people coming and free beer from 8 till’ 9. You can buy the record this night for 50 DKK. Afterwards it’s for sale for a few days at Café Dyrehaven for 50 DKK as well. By next week it’ll be in shops like Can in Tulinsgade and Second Beat on Jagtvej for a bit more $.

Artists to look out for at the moment? Well, Young Marco from Amsterdam is soon to release his first long player. He’s in my opinion the most talented dude around.

You hosted the Disco Dick club nights at Bakken for a while, will it ever be back? Right now, I’m doing Klub Happy End at Bakken and also just teamed up with Djuna Barnes as Djuna & d’Or. We’re debuting at Natbar Dec. 14. Disco Dick will resurrect when the time is right.

Sum up a great night out and about in Copenhagen?  If I’m not at some friends’ place dining, I often start out eating at Fortunen and afterwards play records there or where ever I’m booked. Almost always end up at Bakken in the early hours, because that’s where my friends and party-family reside. Like with everything else in life, it depends on the people you’re with, and staying away from bad music. Other recommendations that would serve as nice surroundings for you and your friends’ drinking could be Bo-bi Bar, Café Intime, Dyrehaven, Wascator, and in general places that aren’t afraid to play jazz.

Your favorite gig so far and why? There’s one specific Disco Dick night that I remember. At that moment, I’d done the club for half a year or so, and during the night, I felt something was changing. That people were really getting the message. Love is the message, as you might know. People were dancing like crazy, and I don’t mean dancing like that silly EDM provoked thing with your hands above your head, jumping while looking towards the dj and not caring about anything happening around you, NO, people were getting down even like on the cover of Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You” album. Even though the place was super cramped and every ten people had to share each square meter.

Any specific future plans for Christian d’Or you want to share? I’m gonna keep making people dance. And I might get a real job too.

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