Íris Björk – Fashion photographer

Despite of her young age, Íris Björk already made herself a name as a photographer, she has a unique way to express feelings and vision within her work. Born and raised in Iceland but nowadays Íris Björk works and lives in London were she also studies Fashion styling and photography at London Collage of Fashion. Recently, Íris Björk launched her first fashion film called ”Hypnotized,” the film is inspired by an Icelandic myth about the “Huldufólk” or in English The Hidden People. Bast wanted to know more about the young talent and asked her a few questions. 

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Hey Íris Björk, can you tell us a little bit about your background and your profession? I come from Iceland where I grew up but right now I live in London where I am in my final year in London College of Fashion studying BA in Fashion Styling and Photography. Along with my study I work as a freelance photographer. I shoot everything but mostly fashion editorials, commercials, lookbooks and other fashion related work. I have also recently started filming and I really like it as then I can use my background in dance as a new platform to express myself.

What is the story behind your first fashion film “Hypnotized”? Hypnotized is inspired by an Icelandic myth about the “Huldufólk” or in English The Hidden People. Huldufólk are a type of elves that live in the stones in Iceland, they are mostly harmless unless you corrupt their peace. Huldufólk are very beautiful and mysterious and there are many tales about how humans fall in love with the Huldufólk. My story is about the queen of the Huldufólk and how she seduces a human man into her stone, where he is trapped forever.

How is it to be an Icelandic photographer working and living in London? It is great, the fashion scene in London is very big and diverseLondon is very multi cultural, even so that more than half of my friends are not British. This environment is very interesting and you learn a lot from all the different personalities everywhere around you. However despite of this very multicultural environment, people recognize Iceland and connect it with beautiful nature, light and mystery.

This has also made me realize that being from Iceland people predict certain things from you. Although this is very valuable I also want to try to separate myself from the obvious. Living in Brazil for a year when I was 17 as well as moving here to London has made me a voyeur of people as well as of nature. I use elements of Iceland in my work, especially the light, and colour scheme of the Northen Lights but I also think it is important to seek inspiration elsewhere. Hypnotized however is as Icelandic as it can be.

What do you think of the Icelandic fashion scene? I think Iceland has so many talented fashion individuals. We have so many very inspiring and great designers, photographers, fashion journalists and other creatives. Our only problem is that Iceland has a very small population, so the market for fashion is very small.

If you could chose one model to work with, who would it be and why? I think would choose Daphe Groeneveld – she is like a beautiful, mysterious human-alien, and she can really pull of that “ugly” pretty look as well. I have been watching her for a few years now and she never has a bad shoot. She also reminds me a bit of my style icon Brigitte Bardot.