Backstage with Jenny Wilson

Last month Bast magazine met with Jenny Wilson before her concert at Vega. Helgi Ómars photographer shot these amazing pictures backstage right before her show! (Check out his website here:

It was such a great night with a lot of dancing on the stage and singing along! Jenny Wilson is a true performer! Our music editor Kristín Larsdóttir Dahl interviewed Jenny for our latest issue – Bast no.09. You can read the interview below:

JENNY WILSON for Bast magazine no. 09

“Be realistic – Demand the impossible!” a phrase that goes back to the 70´s from the student protest in Paris certainly inspired the Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Jenny Wilson. After a struggle against breast cancer, Jenny strikes back and releases her fourth album Demand the impossible. Marking the phrase and making it her own protest, Jenny claims that this is her best album so far.

Along with releasing the video for the track Autobiography with her creative partner Daniel Wirtberg, you can now also see a documentary about the production of the album and Jenny´s life in general.

With “better lyrics than ever” as Jenny states herself, there is no doubt that Demand the Impossible is a result of a more powerful and personal journey than any other.

How and when did you realize you wanted to become a musician? I was about 18-19. Had just discovered Pj Harvey and was totally amazed. I started to write my own tunes in a wardrobe on acoustic guitar. A couple of years later I got out of the closet and started my band First Floor Power with some friends and my sister.

How have you progressed and transformed as an artist and person over the past years? I develop all the time. My life is not one long chronological line on a ruler. It’s more like separate circles with separate goals, dreams, influences. I can definitely feel that I’ve become really sharp on producing and on expressing my self. And working with people is good for me.

What is the meaning behind the name of your album “Demand the Impossible”? When I first saw this brilliant and disturbingly great expression, on a black and white picture ( a graffiti painted over a wall in the student rebellions of Paris 1968) I immediately fell in love with it.  The original slogan was BE REALISTIC, DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE! and I could feel the anger and energy in it, which suited my own music so well. The more I think of the title the more interesting it feels. What is “demanding the impossible?” Well, for example: it was only 100 years ago since it was impossible for women to vote in Sweden. So what is “impossible” now? It’s interesting.

In what way is Demand the Impossible different from your previous albums? It’s more spot on. More direct. More energetic, more crazy, more furious. Better lyrics than ever.

You have said that the lyrics for your new album are the best one´s you have written. Tell us why you think that is? I think you can tell that these lyrics are written with a blaze… With a braveness. The way I wrote it, is inspired by beat poets as Ginsberg and Dylan, but also Wu Tang Clan, poetry by Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni etc.

Favorite song from Demand the Impossible and why? I love Mean Bone for its harshness, beats and melodies. But my favorites are “University of my soul” and “Pyramids” (rose out of our pain) for the lyrics and production.

What are the guidelines you try to go after and what advice would you give to other artists? It’s almost impossible to give advices to people you haven’t met, everybody has their own agenda. As an artist, I feel I’ve developed my skills to take care, and believe in my ideas.

What are you up to at the moment and what does the future hold for Jenny Wilson? We have just started the DEMAND-tour, and I always work with different projects, always searching for new light!