Salazar film – Interview

Salazar is a production team concentrating on branded documentaries and commercials.  In the last year they traveled to the deep south shooting over 1500 portraits of LGBTQ America for Self Evident Truths, told the story of the only Muslim professional sumo wrestler living in Tokyo, and received a Grammy nomination for their documentary work with Warner Brothers recording artists Tegan and Sara.

Who is Salazar?
We’re Jeff Petry and Nathan Drillot.

Where did the name Salazar come from?
When we were first starting out we had a friend who would come and help us on all our projects named Ehren Salazar. We took his last name as a tribute to our friendship. He’s an amazing artist in his own right. Check out his work here.

What was your favorite project?
It’s impossible to pick a favorite because every project has unique challenges and rewards. However our recent project in Tokyo stands out because it fulfilled a couple dreams that we had. One, to go to Japan, and two, to film the mysterious world of sumo wrestling. The film is a documentary on Ōsunaarashi, the first professional sumo wrestler from the Middle East. We spent two weeks immersing ourselves in his world. When we began the project he was completely unknown but now he’s become famous in Japan and has risen in the rankings faster than almost any other foreign wrestler in the history of sumo.

 What would be your dream project?
Anything that combines a strong story, unique locations, and an opportunity to challenge preconceived notions.

 What are you doing right now?
Currently we’re just starting production on our first feature length documentary. The film deals with professional pinball, families, autism,  and the way in which unique people perceive the world.  We’re really excited to dig in to a long form narrative!

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