Marysia Tyski a jewelry designer based in Vancouver, BC. She makes all of her jewelry by hand from solid brass, copper and sterling silver with semi-precious stones using traditional metalsmithing techniques. By using raw crystal in many of her designs, she produces metal components to suit each crystal. In turn, each necklace, ring, bracelet or pair of earrings have a one of a kind touch.

You can buy her jewelry online here and you can view more of her work here.

When did you start making jewelry?
From a young age I was encouraged by my parents to draw, paint and sew to my heart’s content, so I’ve always been a very crafty person. I would say my interest in making jewelry started as early as 13 years old, but around the age of 23, I took a job in a small jewelry supply shop.  There, I picked up many skills from coworkers and books, and with the help of an endless supply of wire, chain and beads to experiment with, developed my own distinctive style. I soon after took a basic soldering class locally and set up a small studio space in my apartment. In the last 4 years it’s slowly but surely turned into a serious endeavor.

What made you so interested in jewelry?
I love to the feeling of being adorned in beautiful things, most of the time I probably overdo it but that’s OK. I love the versatility of jewelry and how there is so much variety from designer to designer, so there is something to suit every one’s tastes. What I really fell in love with was the process of constructing pieces. All of steps taken to bend, forge, solder, forge some more, grind and polish raw metals into something beautiful and wearable is very satisfying. It`s also very challenging and forces me to problem solve a lot.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated and interested in your work?
My jewelry design ideas tend to snowball, so the more I work, the more ideas I have for new pieces and so on. I draw and write a lot of things down, usually on whatever I can find, so my purse is littered with pictures of earrings on the backs of receipts. I also keep a regular feed on social media of people and things that inspire me, such as local and international jewelry and apparel designers, 60′ & 70′s psychedelic rock and art, vintage clothing and furniture.

Professionally, what’s your goal?
For now my goal is to keep growing at a pace I can keep up with, increase my internet presence and learn to cast.

Do you sell your jewelry somewhere else then online?
I do many local markets such as East-side Flea (www.eastsideflea.com), which is a lovely group of vintage sellers, artisans and collectors. It’s by far my favorite market to sell with because it’s laid back and fun. I have also been selling with Blim Community market for a couple of years. You can also find my pieces at Nouvelle Nouvelle and Kokopelli Salon locally, and at Notre Victoire in Ottawa.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Down the road I can see myself reaching some shops in the States, improve my studio and continue to grow.

Photos by Katrin Braga and Marysia Tyski