Backstage at ELLA

ELLA showcased her new collection at Reykjavik Fashion Festival last weekend. The collection portrayed classic feminine styles for independent and strong women. Eygló Gísladóttir was backstage before the show and caught these amazing pictures for Bast magazine.

Photographer: Eygló Gísladóttir :

Bast magazine asked Elínrós Lindal from ELLA  a few questions for our current issue, “Bast magazine x Reykjavík Fashion Festival.” You can read the interview below: 



The Icelandic fashion label ELLA was founded in 2011 by Elinros Lindal. Together with her team she creates sophisticated and timeless designs suited for women of all ages . ELLA is an ambassador of Slow Fashion, which respects both ecological and economical designs and fights the mass production of garments and the overconsumption that ensues. The idea behind the label is to offer independent and working women classic garments made to last. All fabrics are handpicked by Elinros herself, and every ELLA item is manufactured only in limited edition in Europe. Bast caught up with Elinros Lindal and asked her a few questions about the label and the Icelandic fashion scene.

Tell us about ELLA. The idea behind ELLA is to offer educated, working women good quality clothes with lastingness in mind. We wanted to differentiate us from other brands by talking to women as intellectual beings, motivating them to lean in, take power and we would dress them for the occasion. We also wanted the making of each item to be done with honesty in mind. We wanted to make a brand that would provide value to all stakeholders.

Who is ELLA´s ideal customer? Educated, working women who are ready to change the world. Women who are courageous enough to follow their own fashion style. We make very classical items which they can accessorize with their own style.

What is the inspiration for your new collection? The future, the present the past.

What do you think of the Icelandic fashion? I personally love everything about Iceland. I am born in the country that The World Economic Forum elects every year as the best country to be a woman in. We are only supplying for 20% of the local demand so I feel very privileged in many ways. To be able to develop a brand with Icelandic women, is optimal. However I realize that women here dress in many ways differently than women around the world, wearing a lot of black etc. – but their power and beauty is motivating for me.

When starting up your own business in the fashion industry what is important to keep in mind? To be in your insight not your ego. Understand the business and statistics is vital for me. Working in an industry where the success-rate is 1% you really have to put a lot of effort into your team and understand that this is a journey without a road-map. I personally go with my insight and my vision is to create something unique. What is missing in the industry.

What does the future hold for you at the moment? To keep on going with ELLA. I want the company to grow into an interesting business – we will never be the biggest in the business but we want to be the smartest.