Backstage at Magnea

Magnea’s collection distinctly stood out at Reykjavik Fashion Festival this year. The show included stunning visual graphics and flickering lights, while elegant and modern styled models walked down the runway showing off Magnea’s beautiful roughly knitted pieces.

The young up and coming designer certainly brings something new to the table and is a pleasant addition to Iceland´s vast growing fashion scene.

Check out the backstage pictures for Magnea´s show here captured by Eygló Gísladóttir, along with the interview with Magnea for Bast x RFF newest issue below, available in print at Kiosk at Laugavegur 65 and online here.

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The designer Magnea Einarsdóttir has received quite the well-deserved attention for her self-titled label Magnea. Since graduating in 2012 from London’s Central Saint Martins with an emphasis on knitwear, Magnea has been developing her graduation collection “Opposites Attract” mixing wool and rubber together, creating very interesting and modern looking pieces.

Magnea’s designs have gained great attention on the international fashion scene. She has showcased at Brighton Fashion Week, the Fashion Festival in Spain and in 2012 she was chosen as one of top 10 finalists for the Muuse x Vogue Talent Award and has since been developing collections for them. Looking at Magnea’s handmade designs you can’t help but notice her talented eye for details and her beautiful technique of mixing different fabrics together in a simple yet fascinating way.

 Tell us a little bit about your background and your first steps towards becoming a fashion designer? I have always been creative but in my early teens I started to make my own clothes, mainly out of vintage clothing. I wanted to stand out from the crowd as I felt everyone dressed the same. I soon realized this was something I was good at and wanted to develop so I started to prepare myself for studying fashion. I had always dreamt of living abroad and I wanted to get to know the real fashion industry so I split my fashion studies between Paris and London. At Central St Martins I was encouraged to specialize in knitwear and after graduation in 2012 I moved back to Iceland and have been building up my own label since then.

Tell us about the ideas and focuses behind your up and coming label? I am a knitwear designer and my emphasis is on textile. My aim is to create something fresh out of the concept of knitting by using new and unusual materials and mixing them together.

How do you feel about Reykjavik Fashion Festival as a platform for Icelandic designers? At Reykjavik Fashion Festival Icelandic designers show new collections annually and hopefully seasonally in the near future. I think it is very important for the Icelandic fashion scene to host a professional festival like RFF to promote and build up the industry.

Who would you love to dress? Lupita Nyong’o is a current favorite, I would love to dress her.

What materials do you prefer to work with and why? My focus is on textiles and I am obsessed with contrasts. I  like mixing different materials and concepts. In my previous collections I have worked with a delicate mix of rubber and Icelandic wool which are complete opposites and I have created a textile that I am still developing. My last collection was inspired by NBA players and Egyptian mummies, again complete opposites. I guess Im attracted to opposites.

What plans do you have for expanding to the international fashion scene? My brand is very young and things have happened fast. For now I am happy to be a part of the Icelandic fashion scene and will be taking baby steps towards the international one.