Peggy Gould – Interview

Introducing one of my muses, fashion and music diva Peggy Gould ! Peggy is a freelance stylist, illustrator, DJ (‘Peggy Gou’) and London correspondent editor for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea. You might have seen her on every other street style blog from Facehunter to  Le-21eme.

I asked her a few questions about fashion, music and illustration but the pictures also speak for themelves. While you read this I suggest you click HERE to listen to her mixes on Soundcloud

How would you describe your style?

People say my style is a mixture of everything, street fashion + high fashion. I am never stubborn with one style, and never go for something only expensive and try not to follow what’s hot/what is a new trend.

What kind of music do you like ?

I love to listen to every genre (except heavy metal..I guess), but when I play, I love to play house music/deep house/tech house music. Very soon I’m going to start producing my own music, I can’t wait !

You also illustrate, where do you look for inspiration for your illustrations?

I started drawing as a hobby but recently I been spending a lot of time drawing and hopefully I can use them for the right purpose. As I don’t put boundary on fashion and art I like to draw everything. I love black and white drawings. Thin/thick line drawings and sometimes I add one or two colours. I recently tried to work with more colours and watercolours and I love them. I get my inspiration from everywhere home, kitchen, outside if I see something cool I always take photos and sometimes I try to draw from the images. Basically I love something that is creative and beautiful!

Where will we see you next ?

I’m working on my music career at the moment, producing and DJ-ing. Next month I am going Beijing to present Mercedes-Benz for Beijing Autoshow ! I will also be working as a creative director for a new cool online shop called ‘LaBoutik’ it will be a mixture of street fashion and high fashion clothing.


Favourite city: Berlin
Favourite food: Salmon, I would say Japanese and Korean food! I love food
Favourite tattoo you have:  I guess my giraffe tattoo on my leg
Favourite record: It as a too difficult question for me to choose
Favourite DJ: Roman Flugel, Vakula, Theo Parrish
Favourite magazine: Another Magazine and Mix Magazine
Favourite animal: GIRAFFE!
Favourite AW14 show: I loved Tom Ford and also Burberry Prorsum

All the images are from Peggy’s Tumblr – I reccomend you follow here everywhere, click on the links below:




x Íris Björk