Orphan Bird Interview

I’ve been following the Swedish designers Orphan Bird on Instagram for a few months now. I found them when I was searching for inspiration via the hashtag #editorial. I originally fell in love with how they photograph their collection, very impressive but minimalistic at the same time. 2 weeks ago I went to Lewis and Leigh PR http://lewisandleighpr.com/ press day at Sanderson Hotel and surprisingly Orphan Bird were there as guest designers. Meeting Sara and Ciro the designers behind Orphan Bird was such a great surprise as we both recognized each other from Instagram but had never met in real life. Their collection was even more impressive in person than in the photographs, all the pieces are so beautifully made from quality material. I asked Ciro and Sara if I could interview them for Bast !

Tell me a little bit about your background and how you started Orphan Bird?
It all started with a mutual understanding. Ciro was studying fashion design in London and I, Sara, photography in both London and Gothenburg. We sporadically began to work together in different projects which all contained fashion, photography and art. We came to realize that we profoundly shared the same concept and vision. In 2012 we created Orphan Bird with a philosophy to not follow fleeting trend rather creating unconventional garments that follow their natural form.

What are your main inspiration and aspiration behind the brand?
Geometric shapes and minimal lines of architectural nature is our ultimate inspiration. Our aspiration is to always evolve as individuals and as a company. The essential essence is to always thirst for innovation and to expand our knowledge.

What is the inspiration behind your AW14/15 collection?
AW14/15 “Forms of Boundaries” collection was inspired by the contemporary architecture in Singapore combined with the Scandinavian landscape aesthetics.

You are based in Sweden at the moment; do you wish to move the brand to an international market?
Having Sweden as a home base benefits us since Swedish style signifies thoroughly modern minimalism. Unfortunately the Swedish fashion market is somewhat narrow seeing that majority of shops are chains and not independent boutiques. So yes, it’s highly crucial to unlock the global growth opportunities. This year we introduced our AW14/15 in London during Press Day and we will persist showcase our upcoming collections in different fashion platforms nationally and internationally.

Where can you buy Orphan Bird?
Our collections are currently available on our shop online.

What can we expect next from Orphan Bird?
Our penchant for craftsmanship has grown rapidly and for upcoming seasons we will enlarge our focus on designing accessories such as bags and sunglasses.


Thank you Orphan Bird !! To have a better look at their collections, follow them on social media and shop online head on to their website http://www.orphanbird.com/

On my wish list is the Forms Of Boundaries bag, the Empty Blocks Leather Bag and the Fidelia Shirt ! Pure perfection !

x Íris Björk