EMMA – Editorial

Bast magazine has received this beautiful editorial from the Danish stylist Ulricha Larsen and her talented team. “The idea behind the story was to create something simple with dash of 60′s exposing the model’s unique personality” Ulricha explains to Bast.

Ulricha Larsen also styled our latest editoria “Take me there.”  (Check it out the story HERE)

Tell us about yourself, when did you start to work as a stylist? I’ve always been fascinated with creating expressions and when I was a child, I like most others kids loved playing dress up, when I got a bit older it was mostly folk costumes and uniforms that I found particularly beautiful.

I was 29 when I started to work as a stylist, probably quiet late for a stylist but I had worked around the industry so to speak for many years after I finished my education. I had smaller, organizational jobs in the music business, at galleries and event making.

What is the inspiration and theme behind the editorial? The essence of it is that we wanted to create something very simple with a touch of 60’s and at the same time give it a graphic look and a touch of Emma’s personality.

Do you have a favorite trend at the moment? I really love how a pair of sandals with white tennis socks can look amazing on a long pair of legs – but have to admit it’s not a trend that suits every girl (myself included).

Any advice for our readers who want to become stylists? Aside from the all the normal advice (be creative, be thick-skinned and persistent) I would advise people that being professional is also being nice in all collaborations. The industry has a reputation as harsh – and sometimes it can be – but focus on being decent and professional in your work.

Photographer: Kazuma Takigawa

Stylist: Ulricha Larsen

Hair & Makeup: Josephine Mai Johannesen, Unique Creatives

Model: Emma N at Divamodels

Photographer assistant: Yutaro Sawamura

Photo 1:

Jacket: Helen Van Rees

Skirt: Helen Van Rees

Shoes: Monki

Socks: Top shop

Bracelet: Maria Black

Earrings: Carré


Photo 2:

Coat: Henrik Vibskov

Dress: CLAUDIA GAMBA x Muuse

Earrings: Glitter


Photo 3:

Leather jacket: Ganni

Pants: Tilde Bay Kristoffersen

Scarf: 5 preview

Earrings: Maria Black

Photo 4: 

Hat: H&M


Photo 5: 

Dress: Lala Berlin

Shirt: Celine

Bracelet: Maria Black


Photo 6: 

Top: Lala Berlin

Pants: Topshop

Bracelet: Maria Black


Photo 7: 

Body: Wolford


Photo 8:

Body: Wolford

Top: Tilde Bay Kristofferson X Muuse