Roskilde Festival 2014

A very sold out Roskilde Festival started out this year with a total of 130.000 guests including the hard working volunteers, as Roskilde Festival has always been a non-profit organisation strictly run by volunteers.

Seeing the festival area being officially opened Thursday afternoon with eager festival guest running through the gates, was a clear reminder of why you keep coming back to Roskilde Festival every year. The atmosphere there is just so unique, filled with excitement like at no other festival.

The Thursday´s night line-up was pretty much perfect, including headlining names like Outkast and The Rolling Stones. Both Outkast and The Rolling Stones clearly evoke a nostalgic feeling among the audience, which combined a wonderful variation of people any age and type, only there to enjoy themselves and listening to the music they came to hear. Lykki Li and Banks also delivered a great show the same night in-between the headliners. There is however, something so unreal and fantastic about seeing one of the greatest rock bands ever play live. Here we are in 2014! And they are still going strong, and Mick Jagger´s 70 years old hips are still very much swinging! After an almost 2 ½ hour unbelievable show from The Rolling Stones, it was time for bed – only because nothing else could top that first evening at Roskilde Festival.

First up on the Friday´s schedule was the new Danish duo called Cancer. Created by When Saint´s Go Machine´s lead singer Nikolaj, and Kristian, who also play´s under the name Chorus Grant. Their performance was far from disappointing, as their experimental rock tunes quickly filled the Pavilion stage and kept you eager for more – Definitely a duo to watch out for! The Swedish psychedelic rock group Les Big Byrd also followed up after Cancer with a very fulfilling and interesting performance. Friday night it was time to let Damon Albarn play on the “nostalgic strings”, which he sure did with numerous of good old Gorillaz songs before a packed Arena stage. Rob Zombie was however, for sure the highlight of the Friday night´s line-up, as they constantly interacted with the audience and managed to deliver probably the most energetic show of the whole festival.

On Saturday Omar Souleyman definitely put on a show! It is a true joy to see how well his Middle Eastern songs are being received by his always entertained audience. After Souleyman the Danish punk, rock band Psyched Up Janis took over the Orange Stage with a vibe of rock nostalgia, which only proofs yet again that true rock´n roll never gets old. The Saturday´s night program was extremely well put together, including something for everyone to enjoy with names like Mano Chao, Arctic Monkey´s, Kavinsky, Spids Nøgenhat and Major Lazer. The highlight of the evening was however the good old shoegazing band Slowdive from England, which closed down the Avalon stage leaving the crowded audience with nothing but goosebumps to fall asleep on.

The last day, Sunday, was just as sunny as the days before, and in-between lounging at the Relax city´s beach area and hanging at the skate city, the always delivering and energetic MØ was the first band to see, then followed up by Kasabian, The Horrors and the wonderful Stevie Wonder which, sang into the sunset to a sing-along audience at the Orange Stage.

Thank you Roskilde Festival for all the nostalgic vibes this year, and the new inspiring tunes, it is always a pleasure!

See you again next year!