Russian Red

The much talked about Spanish musician Lourdes Hernándes better known as Russian Red, recently released her new and third album called Agent Cooper. Having been one of the most renowned artists in the Spanish music scene for a while, Hernándes has now managed to take Asia, Europe and the US by storm on her current tour this year. Resulting in sold out shows, and streaming success and attention to her outstanding live performance.

On her newest album Agent Cooper, Hernándes has actually named each and every song after men she has known and been inspired by in her life, while portraying a true femme fatale. This indie-rock queen has now proofed that she belongs on the international music scene, while taking a big step forward as a musician.

Bast asked Hernándes a few questions about the tour, the men and her newest album Agent Cooper.

Hey Russian Red! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and your first steps as a musician? I was in college and I recorded my first demo on my computer and put it up on Myspace because I had a crush on a guitar player and wanted to catch his attention. It worked, we started playing together and next thing I got a deal with a small record label and things started happening.

Just out of curiosity, where does the name “Russian Red” come from? It is a lipstick color.

You recently released the album Agent Cooper, what does it mean to you? In what way do you feel it is different from your previous releases? This is an important album for me because it has helped me widen my vision of love and be able to put more distance in between myself and my alter ego.

On the album cover for Agent Cooper, you are wearing a gold dress and holding a machine gun like a true femme fatale. What is the message you want to come across with that? That I am a femme fatale, you got it!!

Men are obviously the theme for your newest album? with song titles like Alex T, Casper and Stevie J and so on. Who are these guys? And how do they feel about being a part of your songwriting? These guys are real people that have been an important inspiration for me  at some point my life, most of them know that they’re are part of my album and feel flattered..

Who and what inspires your songwriting and creative process in general? Real people that I cross paths with, frustration of any kind and getting the time to deal with both.

You are currently touring, how has that been so far? And can we expect to see you in Denmark any time soon? Hopefully! We just finished our Asian tour with the new album and it’s amazing how even after seven years touring, some specific tours keeps being life changing experiences.

Your all time favorite festival experience/moment? In 2011 we played a Festival in Spain in summer called Arenal Sound and we were on at midnight and the crowd felt so intense, it literally felt like floating for the whole first half of the show.

At last, what are the future plans for Russian Red at the moment? Keep touring for the rest of the year and maybe try out acting next year.