Ethereal Geometry – Editorial

Today’s editorial is pure and poetic but modern at the same time. The story was shot in the fashion mecca, Paris by the up and coming photographer Julie Michelet.

Bast magazine was curious to know more about the young photographer and we asked her a few questions about her background and the theme behind the story.

Tell us about yourself, when did you start to work as a photographer? I’m Julie, I’m 24 years old and live in Paris. I started to photograph a few years ago, along with my fine arts studies but I really started working in the fashion industry a few month ago when I moved to Paris. 

What is the inspiration and theme behind the editorial? As the title says, I wanted something ethereal, pure and poetic, but modern at the same time.

I had simple principles: White outfits on a white background and play with forms and details. I started looking for very talented and different designers to offer a variety of looks and materials.

I also took time to find the perfect young and edgy model that I wanted, which was the lovely Eléonor !

Do you have a favorite trend at the moment? I’m usually more of a classic French girl, with my long hair, my fringe and my red lipstick. But this days, I like the grunge look with a touch of gothic: long black skirt, short top which let us see a little part of the belly, nose piercing with chains to the ear… I’m not a model so I try to adapt it in a soft version !

Any advice for our readers who want to become photographers? Be open and receive, absorb the world around you. Surround  yourself with creative people such as make-up artists, stylists, hairstylists, and even other photographers or painters, designers… Then practice as much as you can and try to think outside the box by creating new things, believe in yourself and go create opportunities, don’t wait for them !

Photographer: Julie Michelet

Model: Elenor at IMM

Make-up: Marie Reigniez

Hair: Nina Olivet

Photo 1: Dress: David Vincent Camuglio  

Photo 2: Top & skirt: Laura Laval

Photo 3: Top: David Vincent Camuglio, Glasses and gloves: Marine Henrion

Photo 4: Top & shorts: Marine Henrion

Photo 5: Top & skirt: Laura Laval

Photo 6: Shorts, top & coat: Marine Henrion

Photo 7: Skirt : Marine Henrion, Coat : Margaux Launay-Saget

Photo 8: Body: Mathilde Brichet, Coat : Cloé Bascou

Photo 9: Top: Marine Henrion

Photo 10: Shoes, body suit, coat: Marine Henrion

Photo 11: Top & Jacket : David Vincent Camuglio