Wali Mohammed Barrech SS15 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Team Bast ended the second day of Copenhagen Fashion Week with a futuristic, industrial spin at Wali Mohammed Barrech’s SS15 show. That particular vibe of the show was set even before the models walked the runway: the show took place in a winding parking lot in the center of Copenhagen, complete with cold concrete and aggressive neon lighting establishing the stark mood. Once the pulsing industrial techno set in and hushed the crowd, Barrech’s collection effortlessly amplified the clinical industrial feel. Chrome rain gear, parking lot print bodysuits, and an unapologetically colourful take on Europe’s current love affair with sportswear characterized the show, and established a mood that could be described as futuristic safari meets rainy days in outer space.


Satisfyingly, the styling of the models complemented the futuristic vibe of the show: slicked back, alien-like hair-do’s, otherworldly glows to cheekbones and furrowed brows truly took the collection into a realm perhaps otherworldly, and definitely outside of the conventions of Scandinavian Design. Despite a few hiccups (such as some lighting issues with the parking lot), Wali Mohammed Barrech did not disappoint; we’re pretty excited to see what he delivers next.



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