Henrik Silvius SS15 – Interview

Let’s face it: it’s not always easy to feel good about being different. For emerging fashion designer Henrik Silvius, however, being different – Henrik has muscular dystrophy – has given him the courage to transition from fashion blogger/lover into fashion designer. This Copenhagen Fashion Week, Henrik Silvius exhibited his first collection, and the boldness of it did not go unnoticed. The entire HENRIKSILVIUS collection coyly emphasized the sexiness of the male form: blindingly white, each ensemble playfully juxtaposed sportswear and minimalist inspired fits against bare skin and the elegance of the human body. To Henrik’s credit, an all-white collection can be a tricky move to pull off—but luckily for him, his instinct for balance, tasteful contrast and just the right amount of glitz does the trick. Last week, Bast Magazine caught up with Henrik to chat about his vision for the collection and what it’s like to be an emerging designer.

What made you take the leap and transition into designing your own collection? Since I was a child, I had always loved fashion. I have been drawing for a very long time and always had ideas. I have been writing about fashion for many years now and it was only a matter of time until I made my own collection—this was something I had wanted to do for a long time.

Who are some of your biggest fashion inspirations? I love Versace. I love the boldness of it, and how it is different. I have muscular dystrophy, and so I’ve always been different and had a unique outlook on the world and have had to be confident about it. With Versace, I can relate and I also like that it’s fun and not afraid to be sexy.

The title of the show, Caesarean—it’s very bold. Can you tell me a little bit more about that? For me, the title is meant to represent my arrival out of the cut. It’s like I’m being born from the slice, and emerging into the fashion industry in a new way.

What are some of the key inspirations for your latest collection? The collection is going to be Southern inspired… It’s very sexy, and about embracing your sexuality. A lot of it too is about combining elements of the masculine with the feminine, with extremely feminine features as well as extremely masculine features. Also the entire collection is all white. Scandinavian fashion can be so black and conservative in some ways, and I wasn’t interested in doing that.

Describe your creative process. What is the creative process for you from inception to completion of your designs? Do you have a lot of sketches? I don’t do a lot of sketches, actually. I’ll usually [conceptualize] a design in my head and then draw it complete right away. If I am drawing it, I am already satisfied with the design. Because of my condition, I’ve always been observing the world, so I’ve learned to think strongly visually.

Who do you envision wearing HENRIKSILVIUS? I don’t have a particular vision for the type of person who should be wearing it. I’d love for anybody to feel confident wearing it, and to feel sexy and like they’re expressing themselves. For me, fashion has always been about self expression.

Photographer: Charlotte Ea