Asger Juel Larsen SS15

At Asger Juel Larsen’s SS15 collection, this is approximately how our thought process went:

It’s hot. Like, REALLY hot. 

The venue at Papirøen was gorgeous and unpretentious (a massive old factory building), but the entire room was filled with distressed fashionistas fanning themselves like mad with any bit of paper they could get their hands on. Our brains seemed to have melted away even before the show started.

Finally, an actual band!

Two elevated stages, impressive sound systems and earplugs kindly left on our seats hinted that live music was going to happen and we’d better be ready for some noise. We didn’t even care all that much what kind of noise we’d be hearing—if anything, we knew it would be a welcome relief and contrast from the usual runway soundtrack aka super hip house music.

Asger Juel Larsen is not only f***ing talented—he’s also not afraid to have fun. 

The collection was flashy. It was outrageous. It was 80s hair metal meets 90s neon without coming off as campy. It didn’t take itself seriously pretty much at all, but somehow managed to wow us with some genuinely flattering fits and dramatic pieces. Distressed sweaters called to 90s grunge but lingered on the models’ bodies in elegant ways, and oversized peacoats stunned with underlying tinges of rich greens and vibrant oranges. Even the mens’ crop tops (rimmed with more neon, obviously) looked classy and forward-thinking against subtle cuffs and black army boots.

Asger Juel Larsen proved it once again: he’s doesn’t play it safe and he does what he wants—and he’s talented enough to pull it off and more.

Photographer: Charlotte Ea