Keep your eyes on LUULAABAGS – Interview

LUULAABAGS is a Copenhagen based accessories label founded in 2013 by Kristine Møller. The talented designer makes the most beautiful leather bags, perfect for every occasion. I had a little chat with Kristine about her passion for fashion and of course her irresistible designs. 

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Tell me about your fashion brand Luulaa bags, how did it all start and why focusing on making leather bags?

I have always been interested in creating and shaping new things. And with leather the possibilities are almost endless. You can work with leather in so many ways and the expressing is different every time. Thats why I love working with leather. For me, a bag is a necessity in my daily life, and I love being able to create something that is functional and beautiful at the same time. Also the craft that lies in making handmade leather goods is a major driving force for me. It’s hard work, but I love the process just as much as I love the final result.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is the reason I can work with what I love. So fashion means a lot to me. Not necessarily in private, but we all like to look at beautiful things, we need changes once in a while and some uses fashion as a possibility to express themselves. I love the way fashion is repeating it selves all the time, but always with small changes telling you where we are in fashion right now.

A leather bag is often an item you want to last for many years, or even pass on to the next generation. That’s something I think a lot about, when I’m in the designing process. I want my bags to be timeless and useful for many years. The biggest challenge is often to make it fashion enough. And thats because of the handcrafting; its a bit nerdy. But I love nerdy..

If you could choose one person to wear your bag, who would it be?

Jayne Min from Stopitrightnow is a big inspiration. She combines material and shape perfectly. I would love if she wore one of my bags.

Where can I buy LUULAABAGS ?

You can buy my designs on

Photographer: Cecilie Bach