Sunna Ben – Interview

Sunna Ben Guðrúnardóttir, better known as Sunna Ben is a young, up and coming artist from Reykjavík, Iceland. The artist has a unique way to express a story through her work, which often contains a great humor, cats and black haired witches. Hafrun Karls had a little chat with Sunna about her work and future plans.

HK: Tell me about yourself, what is your background and when did you start to draw pictures?

SB: I’ve been drawing since I can remember, when I was about four my grandmother mentioned to me that art was a thing you could study at college and university and from there on my sights were set on an art education which I finished in 2012.

HK: You often use cats in your work, what is the story behind the cat?

SB: I’ve always been very fond of animals and I’ve been drawing cats for ages, I’m not sure why, I guess I’m just one of those cat people. I do have two cats now, but many of the cat illustrations happened long before I got them.

HK: How is  your typical working day?

SB: I work a lot and my work is of a fairly wide variety. In the day time I work as a photo editor at QuizUp, at nights I work as a DJ all around town and in the weekends I try to spend as much time at my studio as I can, I also draw when I have free evenings. In October I aim to do something art related every day as a challenge for Meistaramánuður (e: masters month, a goal based project for the month of october that’s been going on in Iceland for a few years).

HK: Where do you seek inspiration for your work?

SB: I work and play on the internet a lot, so a lot of my ideas come from that bottomless pit of inspiration, although my original inspirations are horror stories, the Addams family, Alfreð Flóki, Dracula and a stack of old books about nature and animals.

HK: How is it to live and work as an artist in Reykjavík?

SB: To be honest it’s not very lucrative. It’s never even seemed remotely possible for me to live off my art. But it’s alright because my day job is pretty great.

HK: And your future plans?

SB: I’m working on making more time to make art and I want to do more photography, I just want to make stuff. I also have a couple of possible book illustration projects in the works, that is something I’d really like to do more of in the future.

5 quick questions: 

Favorite restaurant in Reykjavik? 

Sushi Train.

How do you like your coffee?

I’m on #teamtea, currently my favourite tea is Taiping Houkui, Tefélagi’s tea of the month for September.

Tune on repeat?

Remy Ma – Conceited

Where do you go when you are in the mood for dancing?

Prikið has always been my favourite dance spot and coffee house.

Secret place we need to know about in Reykjavik?

It’s not really secret but because it’s a bit off Laugavegur I think people often miss it: Góð heilsa/health is the richest wealth on Njálsgata 1, they carry all sorts of nice things you can’t get anywhere else and most importantly they carry this amazing chocolate shampoo which works as well as it smells, I’m a huge fan of theirs.

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