MOXHAM interview

Madeleine Moxham designes beautiful jewlleries and accessories named after her last name, and her design and vision are a true inspiration. I’ve recently shot MOXHAM’s SS15 campaign starring Sheena Liam, Asia’s Next Top Model winner and I am very excited to show you the results when it is out.

I visited the MOXHAM showroom in Somerset House during London Fashion Week and took an interview with Madeleine. I am sure you will fall in love with her vision and design just as I have and I really recommend you follow her beautiful instagram account, it is my all time favourite ! –

Name and occupation:

Madeleine Moxham, designer and founder of MOXHAM,

Tell me about your background and how you came into launching MOXHAM ?

I loved art and textiles at school and went to study Fashion Design at the University of Leeds which I loved. I then moved to Nottingham worked for a branding agency and then decided to do an MA at NTU. It was here that I realised that I wanted to design jewellery and accessories that create the look within a ready-to-wear collection and began to formulate my plans for MOXHAM.

Even though you design necklaces, bracelets and crowns you like to refer to MOXHAM as more of an accessory brand than jewellery brand, why is that ?

I am not a formally trained jeweller, not do I profess to be and the pieces are not fine. They are oversized, statement pieces that complete a contemporary look. I think it is more helpful to look at them more like a belt or a hat, you often plan your outfit around them rather than chucking them on at the last minute…

Your wear your items on a daily basis and I think that your personal style reflects on your design, do you design with your own wardrobe in mind or do you buy clothes to match your MOXHAM design ?

I design with the finished look in mind… I am very interested in fashion, styling and the overall image you are cultivating. I envisage my pieces being worn within a clean-cut, stripped back wardrobe which incorporates classic shapes, quality fabrics and timeless pieces. Favourite designers include Jacquemus, Celine, Stella McCartney and Acne.

You have a large group of followers on social media such as Instagram, and I know you have been a part of a panel talking about social media and the benifits at the Google campus, can you share some of your secrets ?

I think it makes sense for a designer / brand to share the process, ideas, inspiration and even day to day life with followers through social media. It helps people to understand how the products are made (which is not always that obvious) and understand the lifestyle and brand values of MOXHAM. I also love lots of different brands, design, places etc so it is a pleasure to share it with like minded people.

Where can you buy MOXHAM ?

Online at and a selection of other stockists such as Harvey Nichols and Whistles

What is your all time favourite MOXHAM item ?

It changes but I do love our gold OTTO and XENO cuffs which are classics.

What is next for MOXHAM ?

Lots of different things… we have some new, exciting stockists for A/W and an exclusive collaboration. We have also introduced gold plating for the first times as part of our SS15 collection and are looking forward to sharing this.

Quick questions :

Favourite SS15 trend: 70s
Favourite fashion brand: Acne
Favourite fashion magazine: The Gentlewoman
Favourite food: Taramasalata
How do you have your coffee: Tea please
Who is your style icon: Yasmin Sewell
Colour or monochrome: Monochrome (or block colour)
Favourite city: Hong Kong (because I just got back..)
Favourite place in London: Camberwell

Have a better look:



Thank you for the interview Madeleine, we can’t wait to see what you do next !

x Íris Björk