Daughter of Jon – Interview

Love brought Hedi Jónsdóttir to London were she established her bag label Daughter of Jon in 2013. Hedi studied fashion design and tailoring in Vienna and after trying out all kind of different jobs Hedi found her true passion; designing bags. Hafrun Karls caught up with the designer and asked her a few questions about her label and upcoming projects. 

Tell me about yourself, where are you from and what’s your background?

I grew up in Reykjavik and Vienna where I studied fashion design and tailoring and did a post graduate in culture management.

After that I did all sorts of jobs. From working for a costume designer, to a men’s tailoring company, to being a waitress, to a stylist, to organizing fashion shows for other designers, to production jobs for trade shows and last but not least I worked as a project manager/producer in a film production for a few years.

Then love brought me to London and after a while I decided to go back to my true passion, bags.

Why did you decide to start to design bags?

Pretty soon after my study I discovered that I didn’t really enjoy tailoring because I didn’t like creating for the body and being constrained by its shape and size. And that’s when I fell in love with bags.

Designing bags is like creating little sculptures. You can use all sorts of fabrics and leathers as well as stronger materials such as metals and use heavy tools like hammers. Also, you are not constrained by the body, anyone can wear any bag, whatever shape or size they are. So bags are universal objects but at the same time they are also the most personal accessory you can have, your very own private cave in the public space.

Last year I decided to give it a proper go and started with Daughter of Jon.

Describe Daughter of Jon in 3 words:

Whiskey Sour, In the Mood for Love, Disco Inferno.

Do you have favorite materials to work with? 

One of my favorite is fish leather. I just love the exotic and elegant look of it. Also it’s a sustainable material because it’s mostly recycled and it connects me and my brand to my home country. But I love experimenting with all sorts of different materials, for example in my last collection I used a lot of thick golden vinyl which went down a storm!

Who is your ideal customer?

Anyone who likes to use fashion to explore their personality and is not afraid to do so in public. At the moment I’m mostly designing for women but I’ll be coming after you boys very soon!

Can you pick one favorite item from your collection?

From my last collection it’s the golden pleated tote bag and the silver hologram Purse (http://www.daughterofjon.com/collections/ny-collectables/products/silver-hologram-purse) (http://www.daughterofjon.com/collections/ny-collectables/products/gold-pleated-tote-bag).

But my most charictaristic ones are the Handbags from last year which I love http://www.daughterofjon.com/collections/ss13/products/handbag-1 and http://www.daughterofjon.com/collections/ss13/products/handbag-3

Where can I buy your designs?

On my website daughterofjon.com and on Spitalfields and Chatsworth Road Markets in London

5 quick questions:

Meat or Carrot?


Red wine or white wine?


Pink or Blue?


Book or Ipad?


Guns or Roses?

100% Roses

At last don’t forget to check out:

Website: www.daughterofjon.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DAUGHTEROFJON

Instagram: instagram.com/daughterofjon

Twitter: twitter.com/DAUGHTER_OF_JON