Frosti Gnarr – Iceland Airwaves – Artist

NAME:  Frosti Gnarr

OCCUPATION:  Art director & drummer

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? KTZ t-shirt, & denim jeans, necklace by my friend Brynjar Sigurðarson with an assortment of pendants and two silver rings (the teeth from Nostalgía and the snake from Aftur)


INSTAGRAM: @fufanumusic @frostignarr


When and where are you playing? We are playing on venue on thursday at Gamla Bíó, 10 pm and on friday at Gaukurinn, 10:30 pm. Off venue, we are playing on thursday, Laundromat at 1:30 pm, friday, Jör Store, at 4 pm and saturday, Kex Hostel at 9 pm.

What kind of music do you make? Some have called it a mixture of Post rock, electronica, coldwave dark indie and psychadelia.

Have you performed at Iceland Airwaves before?  Yes, both with Fufanu and my old band Jezebel

Something you must do while in Reykjavik? Eat at K-Bar, shop at Aftur and go to the public swimming pools!