Hanna Soffia – Iceland Airwaves – Street Style

NAME: Hanna Soffía Þormar

OCCUPATION: Store Manager at Spúútnik Laugavegur


Jacket: Spúútnik

Turtleneck: Spúútnik

Pants: Nostalgía

Shoes: Spúútnik

Necklaces: Spúútnik

Shoes: Spúútnik

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INSTAGRAM: hannasoffia

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/hannasoffia

How does Iceland Airwaves affect the life and the people living in Reykjavik?  I love the atmosphere in downtown Reykjavík during Airwaves. All the cafés and bars get crowded with all sorts of people all dressed up and ready to have a good time. The energy in the air is really quite unique and filled with excitement. Almost like Christmas!

Describe the perfect festival outfit? FUR! Whether it be fake fur or real fur Iceland Airwaves often comes with bad weather and it makes the wait in line easier to bear. Underneath I like to go for something eye catching such as a sequin dress but it can be equally as cool to go with a plain T-shirt and jeans. I’d say a fanny pack around your shoulder is a must for girls so you don’t have to drag a purse around and leaves your arms free for dancing!

What are your favorite shops in Reykjavik? Spúútnik, Nostalgía, Aftur, Aurum and Jör

Best hangover food in Reykjavik? The Coocoo’s Nest. The best brunch with a really cozy ambiance.