Introducing Jean Phillip – Model

Jean Phillip is a young student and a male model based here in Copenhagen. He already got my attention because of his charming personality and attitude. His portfolio already includes work for some influential designers and magazines as the clothing designer Asger Juel and Less Magazine. I asked Jean Phillip a few questions about the modeling career and his future plans. –  Have a look.


Annah Ritah: So Jean Phillip, first of all how old are you and where do you study?

Jean Phillip: I’m 18 and still in high school.

Annah Ritah: How did you got discovered ?

Jean Phillip: I sent an application to Heartbreak Management.

Annah Ritah: What is the greatest and funniest adventure you’ve had in your model career?

Jean Phillip: When I was flown to Oslo, Norway for an editorial – The team was so nice!

Annah Ritah: Are you going to be a part of the upcoming Copenhagen Fashion Week SS15?

Jean Phillip: Well I don’t know. Haven’t been to any castings yet.

Annah Ritah: How do you usually kill time when you have a very long working hours?

Jean Phillip: I usually kill time with social media – Yes I’m one of them. Otherwise I spend the long working hours chatting with the other models.

Annah Ritah: Do you have an icon within art and fashion?

Jean Phillip: I like Grace Jones – She is so original. She is one of those people who have multiple talents. She looks great, sounds great and she’s just cool.

Annah Ritah: Do you think that the youth and culture you’re in right now, have inspired you as the person you’ve become so far ?

Jean Phillip: Yes. I believe the youth and culture I’m in right now, has inspired me as an individual, I’ve become so far. On the other hand, I am my own person – I’m able to say, think and wear whatever I want. Self-expression is perhaps the best answer.

Annah Ritah: Which decade do you wish you were born in and why ?

Jean Phillip: 1980 – High-top fades, stone-washed jeans and carrying around a boombox… need I say more.

Annah Ritah: 3 things you always travel with and why ?

Jean Phillip: iPhone, credit card & a bottle of water. These 3 things are essential to sustain life.

Annah Ritah: Navy Blue Fur Coat for male, like or dislike ? 

Jean Phillip: Like

Annah Ritah: Would you ever buy a Fur Coat ? 

Jean Phillip: Yes, why not?

Annah Ritah: And when you will finally graduate, are you going to focus on your career or straight back to books and school?

Jean Phillip: Definitely focus on my career. But I also want to travel around the world.