Irie – Editorial

Photographer: Louis Trinh

Model: Irie Calkins at Photogenics

Hair/Make Up: Rachael Vang

Stylist: Katrina Cayton Guevara

“Los Angeles itself is not competitive in nature. It knows its own fault, the Newport-Inglewood. The L.A. River and La Brea Tar Pits, as seen in the photos, are a result of the crack. Towards the back: the San Gabriel, Santa Monica, San Jacinto and Santa Ana Mountains.”

“L.A. is tumultuous, but never competitive. It can easily give a 6.0 performance. Sometimes a 7.4. However, its best execution, the Big One, is yet to be seen.”  - Katrina Cayton Guevara

Q & A with Louis Trinh – Photographer. 

Tell us about yourself, when did you start to work as a photographer?  Since 2008, shooting everything from events to portraits. Currently, working on environmental portraiture with models, artists, creatives. Shooting a ton of film in the process.

What is the inspiration and theme behind the editorial?  This editorial was inspired by our models carefree aesthetic, simple color blocking and the (slight) change in season here in L.A.

Do you have a favorite trend at the moment?  H​ard flash and ​contrast photos in studio with well​ composed prop styling.

Any advice for our readers who want to become photographers? Figure out the specific subject matter you want to shoot, and focus on that.  Network, assist other photographers who are doing the work you admire, collaborate with like-minded individuals and continue networking! Shoot what you love!

Clothing credit:

Outfit 1:  Eclipse Top, Echo and Air; Edie Skirt, Echo and Air; Shoes, Stylist’s own.

Outfit 2: Moonphase Top, Echo and Air; Edie Skirt, Echo and Air; Shoes, Stylist’s own.

Outfit 3: Dress, Rucci; Shoes, Marc Fisher.

Outfit 4: Backless Shirt, Esprit, Skirt, Stylist’s own; Shoes, Stylist’s own.

Outfit 5: Sunglasses, Marni; Skirt, Stylist’s own; Shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo.

Outfit 6: Racerback Bodysuit, Echo and Air; Pants, BCBG.