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Creation gives way to dialogue. Connections are easily made, but only those profound ones, pave the way for greatness. On a recent trip to Copenhagen, I came across the sound of SHINY DARKLY, a group of Københavners who roam the streets with their post punk dark industrial tones. Their sound potent and effortlessly determined. After a chance encounter, a conversation unfolded with the underground shoe outfitters THE LAST CONSPIRACY. With their tunes serving as a backdrop to the industrious footwear atelier, a special bond was forged. We caught up with the guys to find out more about what makes them tick. This proved to be a most versatile chat, covering the 1980’s, incessant guitar riffs, the gloom of modernity and masked vigilantes.


Lets start with your humble beginnings, where are you from and how did you get to where you are today?

We are Shiny Darkly. Three guys from Copenhagen. Our sound began to take form back in 2010, when Kris and Mads started out jamming. We found out that the sound we were aiming at, could be accomplished with Oliver on the bass and luckily he was up for it. Later we were offered a gig at a local bar called Drone, which forced us to get a set together fast. The gig was kind of a turning point and a lot of things started happening. We signed with the record label called Crunchy Frog, made an EP and played a lot of gigs over here and in other countries. In March, we released our first full-length album called “ Little Earth”, which as you can imagine has kept us quite busy!

It is interesting to hear some 1980s influences in your work, both in the musical arrangements and in the artistic approach. In how far do you look towards history in your own work?

Well, it is no secret that we like and are indeed fascinated by a lot of bands from that time, but actually we never aimed for anything overly specific. As a band, we create our music through spontaneous and improvised jamming sessions, which makes it hard to define what exactly happens and where the music comes from. It is an organic process that allows for spontaneity.

Alongside this, there is a hint of dark post-punk, about the pace and riffs in some of the songs. How do you guys go about writing your tracks?

As a starting point Kristoffer comes up with a guitar-riff and through impulsive jamming we make an integrated song together. Sometimes, it can take a long time before we finish a song, but it can also be super quick in under an hour. For us, the writing and composing phase is always most educational, it gradually makes the band stronger and even more connected.

Lets talk a little more about the lyrics, like on your debut album ‘’Little Earth’’, some of them have a subtle gloomy undertone. Could you explain the mood and sentiments of the record to me?

Yes, there definitely is a gloomy undertone in nearly all of them. That is just how it is on this record. Most of the lyrics are about persons that have been either close to us or far away. Some even are imaginary. It can be about their destructive or fascinating acts. Others can be extremely personal. It could be us reflecting on other persons and their lives. Other songs are straightforward pure love songs, with yeah… a gloomy and vulnerable twist if you like. We see the lyrics as a masquerade where every masked character has something to do with the fictional place called ‘Little Earth.’ A place that is seducing yet repulsive and profoundly fucked.

Music, like fashion, is about having dialogues. What is your perception on the fashion industry?

Obviously the fashion industry gets lot of its inspiration from music and art. We see the industry as its own living thing that seeks out different cultures or subcultures. At times, you can use it to make your own image stronger and more interesting. Only if you want to. Next to this, we feel this phenomenon is a rather latent thing that lies dormant somewhere and slowly can creep up on people.

Lets end with a short one. Recently, you guys played a short set at an art opening for THE LAST CONSPIRACY. How did you experience their kicks?

In short: we liked the shoes because of their simplicity. They also have a certain ‘timeless’ expression. We thought it was a good match indeed.

For more on Shiny Darkly: https://www.facebook.com/shinydarkly

And on The Last Conspiracy: www.thelastconspiracy.com

Photographer: Begga Svavars: http://www.beggasvavars.com/

Shiny Darkly are wearing shoes from The Last Conspiracy.