Introducing Ward Roberts

Ward Roberts, the conceptual artist based in New York is an Australian-born photographer who I personally like a lot. He has received the public attention with his photo series called Courts. In his photography, Roberts use to depict the themes of loneliness and isolation set in the environment of the modern world. Just like the photos of the empty courts, his photographs are usually compositions of the landscapes absenting the human presence. I assume that the emptiness on the courts surrounded by the buildings featured in the pictures serves also as a reflection of the nowadays world. I guess I am not the only one who feels like the majority of the nowadays’ playing action has moved from outdoors to indoors.

It is evident that Roberts has an eye for the detail and understands the interaction of the colors. His photographs are visually very strong and look almost like a paintings. At the same time, they are very urban as Robert’s work leads the trend of gritty style contemporary photography. Courts series also show photographer’s fascination with architecture,   which is the first thing he pays attention to when traveling to a new city.

Check Robert’s full portfolio here