Hildur Yeoman

Last week, Design-march and Reykjavík Fashion festival took place in Reykjavik with lot of interesting events and exhibitions happening all around the city. On Thursday, at a beautiful, old school building in downtown Reykjavík, a promising local fashion designer and illustrator, Hildur Yeoman presented her new collection, Flóra (meaning flowers in icelandic). The show wasn’t a traditional fashion show as we know it, but more like an enchanting fashion performance. The atmosphere was mysterious, capturing everyone’s attention whereas the models danced, sang and hypnotizingly moved around the catwalk to seductive live music.

When creating the collection, Hildur was inspired by strong independent women, witchcraft and nature’s dynamic energy, focusing on grasses and herbs used to prepare elixirs possessing healing powers. This was well presented in the show, which gave a glimpse into the designer’s gloomy and magical universe. The clothes where dark-colored with shades of black and gray, feminine silhouettes, with a 70′s rock’n roll touch, worn by shiny-gazed models in all age ranges. We saw beautiful flower printed cotton and velvet-dresses, where prints were created from actual herb elixirs, mixed in good contrast with leather and PVC garments like tops, short jackets and fringe shoulder pieces. This created a world of strong spellbinding women, feeling self-assured in their femininity.

Hildur juggles surely between fashion and art with her presentations and is getting well-known for inviting the viewer to a different fashion experience, an experience that definitely marks you with the designer’s vision.

Photos by:  Kolfinna Mjöll and Kristinn Magnússon