Vice Penge

One of the biggest social media platforms for young people Vice Denmark, recently launched a new concept called Vice Penge (Vice Money). Vice Penge is a new cooperation between Vice Denmark and the Danish bank: Danske Bankwhere they together introduce a more interesting and accessible platform about money and personal finances for young people in Denmark.

On Vice Penge which launched last april, you can read articles, interviews and watch specially made videos aimed for young people, where topics rank all the way from dumpster diving tips to interviews with ex fraud convicts. No topic is irrelevent, everything is discussable and every opinion is heard at this new Vice Penge platform, as the consumer habits and economical conditions of young people can be just as as sensitive as it is important.

“We are extremely happy that Danske Bank wanted to support the launch of Vice Penge. As Danske Bank have a strong focus on young peoples finances. They have established a division with a 100% focus on young people, where they put their effort into advicing, and increasing their financial knowledge, which is very fitting for the goals of Vice Penge” The CEO of Vice Denmark Lars Hemming Jørgensen explains.

One of the interesting things about Vice Penge is also that everything is aimed at, and seen from the young peoples perspective. All the material are both about and made by young people, which makes it all the more personal and interesting to read, as everyone will find something they can relate to.

Once again hats off to our good friends at Vice, which always manage to turn a rather “boring” subject like finances, into an interesting subject with their raw “twist” of putting things out there for the “out and about” twenty and thirty something year olds.

We can’t wait to see more from Vice Penge!

Make sure you stay tuned, and keep up with this brilliant new concept HERE