Vice Penge

“We are the most materialistic generation ever” states Christian Gade Bjerrum, the host of the first episode of “kontant afregning” (Cash Settlement); a part of the new video series on Vice Penge, which can be seen here.

As previously discussed on Bast Magazine here, the new concept on Vice Denmark is called Vice Penge (Vice money) in cooperation with Danske Bank. Together they have created this new platform only consisting of young people and their opinions and experiences on personal finances.

The focus of the first episode is young peoples overconsumption, where the writer Esben Weile Kjær and the musicians Nicholas Westwood Kidd, and Sukkerlyn discuss and share their thoughts on this matter. They instantly all agree on we in fact are the most materialistic generation so far, and it does not surprise them either when Christian reveals that 52% of young people in Denmark do not completely understand basic economic concepts.

“The thing about us being the most materialistic generation today, also has to do with industrialization and digitalization. Everything is so available for us today. If the other generations would have had the same opportunities, they would have been just as materialistic as we are.” Esben explains. Also, “If you take away all the products from the typical “instagram girl” today, who is she? I honestly don´t know who she is!” Esben continues.

Sadly this is true. We have been working ourselves into a world of “consumer madness” where we will not stop until we have no choice but to stop. Which will mostly be of environmental reasons, and so our grandchildren will have a decent chance of life on this earth. The host Christian also explains that today 300.000 danes suffer from Oniomania, or compulsive buying disorder. Apparently 25% of us would rather buy new clothes instead of washing our old ones. Really Denmark!?

In all, it seems that people know far too little about money and far too much about consuming, which obviously does not lead to any good. “Luckily” we are slowly becoming more aware of this monster we have created, and putting the discussion out there like on Vice penge for an example, is not only essential in theses days, but also extremely interesting, as you hear the opinions from the source itself; the young people in Denmark.

And who knows, maybe it would be interesting to get to know the typical “instagram girl” without her “shield” of products…?

Watch the whole episode in danish HERE