The Hangover News by Vice Denmark

Vice Penge ( Vice Money ) is a new concept founded by Vice Denmark and Danske Bank. Vice Denmark is for sure one of the biggest media platforms for young people in Denmark and the idea behind the concept is to make money and finances a little bit more “sexy” for young danish people, who apparently seem to be more interested to browse Facebook and party.

Vice Money was launched last april where you can read articles, interviews and watch videos which are aimed for young people to open their eyes and therefore increase their financial knowledge in an easy and a fun way.

“The concept Vice Money is created by young people for young people to understand.” Lars Hemming Jorgensens CEO of Vice Denmarks explains to Bast.

I really like the video episodes called “The Hangover news - Things that happened in the financial world , while you were on Facebook”  where Vice Denmark puts rather boring and unsexy news from the finance world into a very understandable and actually interesting context with a strong focus on young people’s perspective.

I have to agree with Vice Denmark and Danske Bank that young people should start to care more about finances and money and perhaps a little less about Facebook. Young people are the world’s next leaders and there are so many opportunities out there waiting for you! So what are you waiting for? Go and check out the episodes HERE! 

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