The Ladies of Iceland Airwaves- Bjartey and Guðný Gígja from Ylja

The girls from Ylja have always been one of my favourites. With their amazing hippie style, outstanding happy performance on stage and lovely mixture of their voices makes Ylja a band worthy to enjoy at Iceland Airwaves. We of course did the Airwaves Talk.


How many shows are Ylja playing at Iceland Airwaves? Bjartey: We start Iceland Airwaves by performing on a concert on Thursday at Tjarnarbíó. There I once saw Lights on the Highway, from that moment I started to be a fan of the band and that’s a venue that I’ve never played at so I’m very excited! On Friday we perform at Fríkirkjan, that is another venue I love to play at because of the way the sound flows in every angle of the church. An unplugged concert is magical in there!

Guðný Gígja: We are also doing some off venue gigs, just the two of us, not the whole band, at the Laundromat Café. There’s quite some time since we played just the two us, so it should be interesting. And our other off-venue gigs are on Friday the 6th of November at Slippbarinn, by the harbor at 18.30 and at a brand new and very cool place called Bryggjan Brugghús, also by the harbour on Saturday at 15.00.


Any plans for outfits you will be wearing? Guðný Gígja: Not yet..But I have some ideas. I tend to delay things to the very last minute, so I´m usually in the same week that Airwaves starts, trying to put everything together. But I´m going try to put all my energy and focus to the gigs I´ll be playing. The main thing is to feel good. But I have one new bell-bottoms that I´ve been saving for Airwaves and on my wishlist are knee- or thigh high platform boots. Of course there will be worn all sorts of accessories, hats, sunglasses, necklesses, chokers, metal tattoos and lots of rings.

Bjartey: At the moment I’m stitching a black velvet dress with fringe on the sleeves and at the back of the dress. The dress will go well with my leather biker jacket and the pastel pink fur scarf . I love to walk through the local flee market called Kolaportið, it has so many things… Books, all kinds of clothes from old to new, lamps, jewellery, perfume and the list goes on and on! My jewellery collection has been growing the past months so I will probably be wearing 2-3 necklaces at the same time and of course rings to match… When we are playing at a festival like Iceland Airwaves we of course  put more effort in to the whole concept, we ask each other what outfit who’s going to wear in what concerts and like a family we help each other out to put on some make up or zip up the dresses e.t.c. The things you buy don’t have to cost a fortune to make a statement

What bands are you most excited to see? Bjartey: I’m most excited to see something that I don’t know anything about. Airwaves is all about accidentally finding your new favourite band.

Guðný Gígja: I haven´t really given myself the time to examine the schedule, but I would like to see Father John Misty. I will also try to see Hjaltalín, there has been some time since the last time I saw them, and they have some new material that I’m excited to see and hear.

Any advice for Iceland Airwaves goers? Guðný Gígja: First off, it´s cold in Iceland at this time, but also, it´s really warm inside the venues. It´s good to have that in mind when you’re deciding what to wear. Just try to enjoy the moment and don´t get too caught up with some schedule, even though it´s always nice to have a little time-frame to work with. 

Bjartey: It’s probably going to be wet, windy and cold as fu**. But that just makes the atmosphere inside each venue that much better. Make an effort to step outside your comfort zone and you will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience. The weather is part of the show.

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