2015 – Favourite models

Gigi Hadid
It would be insane not to put Gigi on this list. Gigi Hadid, or Jelena Noura Hadid, really killed 2015. Born and raised in Malibu she now lives in New York. Her mother is Dutch and father Palestinian. It girl of 2015 and probably 2016 also!

Lucky Blue Smith
The moment I realized Lucky was only 17 years old I suddenly became a cougar. Those blue eyes. Are you like, kidding me?

Stella Lucia
There is something about her. She has this really unique look I like.

Molly Bair
Same as Stella. There is just something about her. Her alien, childish look is so unique and damn, it works.

Taylor Hill
She just has the prettiest face. Only 19 years old but walked her second Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year. That’s defiantly something.