Sónar Reykjavík Warm-up: Vaginaboys

The Bast Magazine team are counting down the days until we finally step inside Harpa the concert hall to dance our asses off for three straight days in a row for the incredible Sónar Reykjavik Festival. ( Get your ticket HERE ) Take off our fur coats and feel the dance floor shaking. What to wear? What to see? 

The festival starts off next Thursday so the wait is getting shorter. We’re also throwing a Bast Party on the Saturday of the festival… but i’ll wait till Monday to fully announce all the details, it’s-a-gonna-be-damn-good. So back to the music! We picked some of our favourite artist that will be performing at Sónar this year. First off: The mysterious Vaginaboys. Hidden behind white masks making sensual R&B music with a dash of gritty electro. Their song ‘Elskan af því bara’ came out of nowhere last summer in their native country of Iceland and became a hit within the party scene. Most likely to be heard in the final hours of an after party. When you take your last sip of your beer, realise it’s morning and there are kids playing outside of the house that you’ve found yourself in… time to go home and sleep in your bed. They just released a new song for Sónar Festival called ‘Feeling’We sat down with the vocalist of the group (not to be be named) over a cup of tea and talked about airbrush, music and feelings.

So let’s talk about the obvious, the masks? Why do you chose to hide behind them ? 

I didn’t have any interest in being a known figure within our small city, but I wanted to release the music. I don’t want to be a public figure. People say it’s a good publicity stunt, that wasn’t the idea though. I don’t really care. People who know that’s its me behind the mask know that its me and that doesn’t bother me. Now its a trademark and I guess you can’t back out. The masks work well on stage with the lights too. We’re thinking about getting more complicated masks, that’d be the step up.

Excited about this years Sónar? 

Yeah we’re thinking about how we wanna do this. It’s a big stage. We’ve been working with a video guy who’s very talented, Gabriel Bachmann, so we’re hoping we can do something together before the night. What we really want is to stand on stage airbrushed in gold paint. Like oscar statues, the full body paint experience. Do you know of a way that can be possible?

<—- We exchange numbers of make up artists and one says she’s up for the task, so let’s see —->

What are you excited to see at Sónar?

Haven’t even looked at the schedule properly yet, looks like a lot of good stuff, are you playing?

I’m actually playing the slot before you on the same stage! Stage buddies!

Nice! Let’s wreck it!

What music did you listen to when you we’re a kid and how about now?

I listened to the Strokes non-stop as a kid. Julian Casablanca’s voice is imprinted in my I own style I guess. James Blake is my favourite. But I mainly just listen to one and one track rather than full albums by artist. The other day we were performing at an award ceremony at Húrra and each band only performed two songs. To some it seemed like a challenge but I thought it worked even better. And I heard the response from the crowd was the same. Just more focus on a value of a track. We’re a kind of band that might just release single and single or EPs rather than a full album. It just works better that way now.

Their brand new track Feeling is out now and it’s also their first track in English ! 

Be sure to catch Vaginaboys play at the Sonarhall at 21.00 on Friday the 18th of February. Bring gold paint at your own risk.