Mai Svanhvit

MAI SVANHVIT is a fresh new fashion label that premiered their first collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The collection, due in autumn 2016 is called “A Crevasse”. MAI SVANHVIT seek to create an exclusive and elegant selection of clothing that appeals to modern women with an eye for quality. The team is stationed in Copenhagen but their mission is to reach beyond the Danish border.

Who is in the MAI SVANHVIT team?

We are two in the design team, Svanhvit Sigurdardottir from Iceland and Maiken Bille from Denmark. We met while studying at the VIA Design School in Denmark and realised early on that we make a good team, where each one has her strengths so it’s easy for us to split tasks between us We usually agree, and besides, we firmly believe that two minds work better than one. We also recruited Linn Hald, a BA graduate in Communication and Media Strategy, to our team so she handles our PR and communication.

What was the inspiration for the first collection and how was the design process?

For this collection we were inspired by Icelandic nature and Scandinavian minimalism. It is important to us that the inspiration shines through in the collection. We like creating a beautiful and captivating storyline through the clothing. The process of choosing fabrics and colors is very important as well. All the garments are made from high quality natural fabrics like silk and wool. We want the garments to be timeless and classic. We are going to continue seeking inspiration from the Icelandic and Scandinavian nature as we relate to the Scandinavian minimal aesthetic. Each collection though will have a different story to tell.

How do you feel being a part of the Danish fashion business?

There is a lot of competition in the Danish fashion business and a huge challenge for a new brand to establish itself. That is why we are very happy to have gained experience from interning at Ganni and Designers Remix, both established Danish companies which gave us valuable experience. We also have fashion industry experience from China, Vietnam, the US and Iceland.

How do you see your brand grow and evolve?

Right now it’s just the three of us, two designers and one in communications so we want to put emphasis on sales. It is a very important step towards growing the collections and to getting wider publicity. Right now we are also beginning the inspiration and design process for the second collection, Spring/summer 2017, so there are exciting times ahead!

All photographs: A.K.A. – Anna Kristín Arnardóttir